Trump’s U.N. Speech: 10 Important Moments

President Trump’s speech at the United Nations is being rightly praised, with some even saying it is his best speech as commander-in-chief so far. Unlike the 9/11 addresses where the Trump Administration omitted any reference to radical Islam, this speech punched at the Islamist ideology and was also a powerful, pro-American presentation to the world.… Continue reading Trump’s U.N. Speech: 10 Important Moments

2 Hezbollah Terrorists Arrested for Preparing Attack on U.S., including NY

The two arrested terrorists are Ali Kourani of the Bronx, New York and Samer El-Debek of Dearborn, Michigan. Each are well-trained militants who belong to Hezbollah’s Islamic Jihad branch that is tasked with perpetrating terrorist attacks, preferably with some level of deniability.