Documentary: Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia

Jabal Maqla
Jabal Maqla, a mountain in Saudi Arabia's Jabal al-Lawz range, is a site that offers a stunning amount of evidence indicating that it is Biblical Mount Sinai.

For several years, Ryan Mauro and a team of explorers have traveled to a little-known site in northwestern Saudi Arabia that holds a tremendous amount of evidence indicating that this is Mount Sinai, where Moses and the Israelites traveled after escaping slavery in Egypt.

Several explorers have gone to this site in the late 20th century but were caught by the Saudi government. They were arrested and had their photos and videos confiscated. The evidence was lost.

Years later, though, some images and video began to leak to the outside world, sparking intrigue about this site. Ryan learned of this theory, and formed a team that went to these forbidden sites. During their exploration, they collected massive amounts of evidence that has been compiled into this documentary film, which Glenn Beck has called “phenomenal” and “a game changer for mankind.”

Watch below: