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5 Radical Mosques in America

By Ryan Mauro | Aug 10, 2017

The Islamic Center of Davis, led by an extremist anti-Semitic imam that petitioners want fired, is not an anomaly. There have been many Islamist preachers in America who teach such extremism or belong to radical organizations.

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Secretary of State Shills for Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar

By Ryan Mauro | Jul 31, 2017

Experts say Tillerson is sabotaging Trump’s foreign policy and want him out.

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2 Hezbollah Terrorists Arrested for Preparing Attack on U.S., including NY

By Ryan Mauro | Jun 10, 2017

The two arrested terrorists are Ali Kourani of the Bronx, New York and Samer El-Debek of Dearborn, Michigan. Each are well-trained militants who belong to Hezbollah’s Islamic Jihad branch that is tasked with perpetrating terrorist attacks, preferably with some level of deniability.

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3 Media Spins from the Manchester Bomber’s Associates

By Ryan Mauro | Jun 3, 2017

In the days immediately following the Manchester bombing, the perpetrator’s family and mosque began trying to spin the media in a direction favorable to the Islamist narrative.

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5 Lessons from the Manchester Bombing

By Ryan Mauro | May 30, 2017

Suspects continue to be arrested following the suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena, with 13 people arrested in the U.K. and Libya at the time of this writing. One person detonated the explosive but the attack was the product of a global Islamist insurgency—and insurgencies can be defeated if we learn from their operations.

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2nd Iranian Presidential Debate: All Support Nuclear Deal

By Ryan Mauro | May 7, 2017

The second presidential debate took place in Iran and, while President Rouhani came under heavy fire from hardline rivals, they all agreed on one thing: The nuclear deal is a good thing for the theocratic, jihadist Islamic Republic of Iran.

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4 Risks After Bombing Assad’s Air Base

By Ryan Mauro | Apr 7, 2017

The U.S. acted quickly and decisively in response to a chemical attack by the Syrian Air Force on a rebel-held town in Idlib Province, enforcing the previously-unenforced “red line” by bombing the air base used. But any military action risks unintended consequences.

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4 Groups Reject Counter-Terror Funding

By Ryan Mauro | Feb 13, 2017

In a revealing trend, four nonprofits groups involved with the Muslim-American community have rejected federal funding for countering violent extremism. For these groups, their image and making a political point is a higher priority than fighting radical Islam and helping their communities.

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The Iranian Nuclear Program

By Ryan Mauro | Aug 23, 2016

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